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Traumatic Brain Injury
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Concussion Evaluation


Life Changing Experience for My Daughter

“Dr. Leichtenberger was wonderful. My daughter, Emily, was referred to PAVC as part of her concussion evaluation. Emily had been experiencing prolonged symptoms( one year +) including headaches, fatigue, and difficulty focusing. We began Emily on a home vision therapy program and four months later, Emily’s evaluation was normal and her symptoms were resolved. Thank you Pediatric & Adult Vision Care for your sincere concern and treatment of Emily. It has literally been life changing for her.”

-Mary B.

For years we have known that patients who have suffered from a concussion or traumatic brain injury had visual concerns

We have been treating issues such as double vision, reduced near functional vision, headaches, and visual overload. By diagnosing appropriately, we can provide relief in the form of lenses, prisms, tints, as well as visual therapy. Our vision therapists are certified and experienced in treating these issues and in many cases their patients have had life changing results.

Concussion Symptoms Checklist

Please review the concussion symptoms checklist to help determine if you are suffering from symptoms that are treatable.

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