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Vision Therapy for Patients with Strabismus: esotropia & exotropia

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Does your child /loved one have an eye that drifts inward or outward?

Is there a history of lazy eye in your family?

Six different muscles surround each eye. These muscles must work together so that both eyes can focus on one object.

In a child with strabismus, these muscles do not work together as they should which can cause the eyes to focus on different objects or points. When this occurs, each eye sends a different image to the brain. This can cause poor vision overall and can greatly interfere with learning and reading.

Vision therapy is often and effectively used for strabismus (commonly called esotropia or exotropia). By using specifically designed vision therapy procedures, it is often possible to control eye teaming and produce depth perception without surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, children do not outgrow strabismus (esotropia or exotropia). If you suspect that your child has this condition, please contact our office to have your child evaluated by one of our optometrists. 724-935-9999

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